Introducing the new Evernote Business Notebook

Making your business easily searchable and shareable, the new Evernote Business Notebook takes your professional life seriously!

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Start fresh and get a new 18 months Planner!

Organize your holidays, plan for the start of the academic year in September and begin noting down important events in 2015.

Moleskine Celebrates Jiang Wen at the 38th HKIFF

Moleskine has partnered with the Hong Kong International Film Festival to celebrate the Asian film industry and the Chinese actor and film director, Jiang Wen.

Moleskine Sketch Album for your sketches on the go!

If you're always sketching on the go, try the new lightweight and portable Sketch Album.

Unbound Creativity- The New Evernote Sketchbook and Journal

Moleskine and Evernote announce new formats of Smart Notebooks.


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