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Moleskine Diary Collection

The 12 months diaries are always available in daily, weekly, weekly notebook and monthly notebook formats with a wide range of useful information for people on the move.

  • 2014-2015 Diary

    2015 Classic Diaries

    Explore the 2015 diaries: coloured diary and our limited edition diary.
  • 2014-2015 Diary

    2014-2015 18 Months Diaries

    Start fresh and get a new 18 months Planner!
  • 2014 New Diary

    2014 Classic Diaries

    Explore the 2014 diaries: coloured diary and our limited edition diary.
  • Coloured Diary

    Coloured Diaries

    The magic of colour meets the world of Moleskine. A new collections of diaries in 4 brand new colours. For organizing, planning and writing.
  • Monthly


    With a full month on 2 pages, you may organize your month in one glance. Perfect for project management.

  • Daily Diary

    Daily Diary

    One page per day, Diary is ideal for busy schedules. The hour after hour layout allows precise scheduling. Perfect for keeping a journal.
  • Weekly Horizontal

    Weekly Horizontal

    With a full week on 2 pages, you can plan your week in one glance. Perfect for simple planning. Light and portable.
  • Weekly Vertical

    Weekly Vertical

    With a full week on 2 pages, you can plan your week in one glance. A hourly schedule allows precise planning. Light and portable.
  • Schedule + Notebook

    Schedule + Notebook

    Combining the function of diary and notebook, the notebook stimulates the left brain and the right brain.
  • Professional Diary

    Professional Diary

    Large planning space with checklist and useful information, combined with blank space for free notes.
  • Peanuts

    Mickey & Minnie

    The eternal sweethearts, favorite for both children and grown-ups, with themed graphics and details. Start your year with our loveliest Mickey and Minnie!
  • Peanuts


    Organize your time like building blocks and construct a world of your 2014.
  • Peanuts


    Moleskine presents a new limited edition diary to commemorate the well-known Charles Schulz's Peanuts pop-culture icon. 
  • Le Petit Prince

    Le Petit Prince

    Moleskine pays tribute to Antoine de Saint-Exupery's magical story with this limited edition. Because there are some books you want to keep with you beyond the final page.
  • Star Wars

    Star Wars

    May the Force be with you 365 days a year. Moleskine pays homage to George Lucas' mythical saga with a limited collector's edition.