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Moleskine has always been a favourite notebook of travelers. To celebrate the launch of the new Moleskine City Notebooks, we have invited Asian travelers to join the Invitation au Voyage competition in January 2007.

This travel notebook competition has captured the imagination of the travelers’ community in Asia. We have received more than 100 magnificent notebooks from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and The Philippines. Our most unexpected submission came from Inner Mongolia.

We are proud to showcase these ultimate travel notebooks and hope you will start planning and dreaming of your next trip!


IAV-HK W300.jpg

Winner: An Air France Return Ticket To Paris
Philip Wan (Hong Kong)

1st Runner Up: Full collection of 16 Moleskine City Notebooks
Shannon Pawliw (Vancouver)

2nd Runner Up: 12 Moleskine European City Notebooks
Audrey Salmon (Beijing)

Top 10: 3 Moleskine City Notebooks + 3 Moleskine Notebooks
Aggole Leung (Hong Kong)

Chan Yi Thying (Malaysia)

Daphne Lim (Singapore)

Dream Li (Hong Kong)

Goh I-Ming (Malaysia)

Prudence Mak (Hong Kong)

Rabi Mark (Hong Kong)

Top 50: 3 Moleskine Notebooks
Annaleah Llanes (Philippines)
Aurelia Castro (Singapore)
Charis Kan (Hong Kong)
Chi Leung (Hong Kong)
Emily Ma (Shanghai)
Eudora Rusli (Singapore)
Eva Lam Yik Wa (Hong Kong)
Eva Tseng (Hong Kong)
Fan Ya-Ru (Taoyuan, Taiwan)
Goh I-Mei (Malaysia)
Jaclynn Seah (Singapore)
Jan, Hau Kin (Hong Kong)
Jason Dy (Philippines)
Jessica Chuan (Malaysia)
Kathleen Yao (Singapore)
Lian Li (Hong Kong)
Lin Hsiu Lien (Taipei)
Liu Ying Chieh (Taipei)
Luo Ling (Shanghai)
Melda Linawa (Singapore)
Nancy Hu (Taipei)
Noel Lam (Hong Kong)
Nohara Kazumi(Japan)
Pamela Hong (Singapore)
Poon Yiu Tong (Hong Kong)
Rachel Wong (Hong Kong)
Sanjit Silva (Singapore)
Shih Ming Feng (Taipei)
Supawadee Juysukha (Thailand)
Tsz Wan (Hong Kong)
Vency Yee (Hong Kong)
Wu Xiao Tong (Inner Mongolia)
You Wei Chuen (Taipei)